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Western Rhythms, Eastern Echoes: The Jazz-Fusion Soul of Sound, Spiced with Persian Flair

What happens when several musicians try to express their feelings in a common space and time: a sound (AwA) that puts the present in foreground. With all its colors.

Individually and with a lot of emotion, AwA enchants everyone who likes to be seduced by alternative sounds. As an independent musicians, they create an experience for the senses that penetrates deep into the soul.

AwA is the product of a close friendship and cooperation between musicians, who each represent different types of music. Their common goal is to use music to bring the innermost part of mankind and the passionate nature of the artist to a unique sound and to inspire.

The art of improvisation and the willingness to experiment are the lively basic elements, that make the music so sensual and exciting in their interpretation. AwA is founded and led by the Composer and Pianist "Pejman Ghanbari".


Percussion: Steffen Hanschmann
Clarinet: Omeed Khademsaba
Kamancheh: Nima Gilaki

Composition, Piano: Pejman Ghanbari


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