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Omeed Khademsaba


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Musician / Filmmaker / Actor

Omeed Khademsaba can certainly be called a multi artist. He has written many compositions for theater or films and he plays the clarinet in various genres. To mention just a few of his works in the Filmmusic section: "In the Congo" by Aime Cesair, "The Butterfly" by Bijan Mofid ,"Cloud in love" by Nazim Hekmat and"Dreams of Reality, by Samad Behrangi.

His other works related to compositions for short films: "Pedestrian Zone", "Composition", "The game" and "youth boarding school" received attention and awards at some film festivals.

Omeed Khademsaba works also for several years as an actor in 4 productions of "Hajusom .e.V" and played at various theater festivals such as in "Songs from a Telephone" at the Altonale in Hamburg.


Since 2018, he is one of the active Member of AwA and AwA Trio and enriches the musical diversity in the interpretation of this groups.


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