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Sajad Goodarzi


Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist 

Sajad Goodarzi was born in Borujerd, located in the Zagros Mountains of Iran. Since childhood, he began his musical journey by learning Flamenco-style guitar in Tehran. Later, he studied the Cello at the Tehran Conservatory, eventually joining prominent orchestras such as the Tehran Philharmonic and the Tehran Academic Orchestra until the year 2010.


In Vienna, at the Prayner Conservatory, he further developed his Cello skills and delved into Iranian music, exploring instruments like the oud and Iranian singing techniques while. From 2017 onwards, he dedicated himself to composing commissioned works seriously and also took on the role of conducting orchestras.


Sajad Goodarzi identifies his mission in the realm of interdisciplinary art as a composer and multi-instrumentalist. His works are characterized by diverse rhythms and local modes, drawing inspiration from mystical literature in naturalist, fusion, and alternative styles, and he introduces these pieces to his audience.

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