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"Tarantella" is a captivating song that draws its inspiration from the rich and vibrant folklore music of northern Iran. The song showcases the beautiful and soulful sounds of the traditional Iranian instrument, the "Kamancheh," which is a key element in bringing the essence of this region's music to life.

Pejman Ghanbari - Composition, Piano

Nima Gilaki - Kamancheh

Omeed Khademsaba - Clarinet

The song's melody weaves a tale that takes the listener on a journey, revealing the intricate and unique cultural heritage of northern Iran. The use of the Kamancheh instrument in the composition of the song perfectly captures the depth and beauty of the region's traditional music, adding a unique layer of authenticity and depth to the song.

As the "Kamancheh" leads the way, "Tarantella" provides an immersive and unforgettable experience for the listener, transporting them to a world of ancient traditions and enchanting sounds. With its powerful rhythms and haunting melody, "Tarantella" is a true masterpiece that showcases the beauty of Iranian folklore music and its ability to captivate and inspire audiences around the world.

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