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AwA's New Album: A Musical Journey of Jazz and World Music

Updated: May 7, 2023

Experience the magic of jazz, neo classic and world music with the new album from AwA, an exciting experimental band known for their unique sounds and creativity. The album features 7 tracks, all performed by skilled musicians Omeed Khademsaba (Clarinet), Nima Gilaki (Kamancheh) and Pejman Ghanbari (Composition, Piano).

From the hypnotic melodies of "Tehran Nights 1" and "Tehran Nights 2" to the rhythmic beats of "Tarantella" and the meditative tones of "Echoes" and "Twilights" each of the seven tracks takes you "Along The Horizon", where different musical worlds meet and merge.

AwA is known for incorporating Persian elements into their music, giving their sound a distinct niche. This new album is a perfect combination of inspiring music and creative talent that will captivate listeners.

Take a musical journey with AwA and discover a world full of colors and emotions. Order the new album now and experience AwA's musical masterpiece.

Label: AwA Independent Music

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