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"She Wolf" Article about World of Miracles

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Pejman Ghanbari - Inspires the listener of classical music to find his inner balance in his piece ‘World of Miracles’

We live in a world that is characterized on the one hand by hope, beauty and magic and on the other hand the modern, hectic times bring all stress, burn-out and fears in us humans. The Iranian-born pianist, composer and producer Pejman Ghanbari perfectly captures this essence in his new piece World of Miracles. This musician, who lives in Germany, reminds us that melancholy, drama and joy are a natural thing. He does not need any words for this, because he transports it to the audience with a much more poignant language, namely music. World of Miracles is about keeping calm at all times, not allowing fear and panic to overwhelm you and thus maintaining the balance between your inner peace and nature.

A World of Miracles comes out of the speakers full of love and melancholy. Pejman Ghanbari greets his audience with an unbelievably beautiful piano playing, which immediately touches and captivates the listener. Right in the first bar of this passionate piece of classical music, you immediately notice the talent, the passion and the heart and soul that the musician puts into his compositions. The extensive and emphasizing use of the cello, which inspires the beautiful piano composition, ensures a deeper, emotional and melancholic timbre.

With a musical perfectionism and a voluminous arrangement, as well as an unpredictable variation of the arrangement, Pejman Ghanbari manages to tell a melancholic - dramatic story completely without voice and text, which at the end of its playing time changes from the bittersweet melancholic sound to a hectic firestorm.

Conclusion 10 out of 10: Fans of acoustic, classical music have a real enrichment for their collection from AwA Independent Music from a gifted musician who is also a talented composer.

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