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A Journey of Self-Discovery / Berlin / Germany

Sasperella aka Saskia Baumgart works artistically, therapeutically and with sound healing effects with music, singing and voice.

Born in Berlin, she is trained in singing, music therapy & somatic movement arts (dance & healing arts of movement), as well as in shamanic-spiritual work, e.g. during various stays with indigenous cultures in the Amazon, Mongolia, in North, South & Central America.

She works as a freelance singer and in the music therapy and sound healing sector, teaches singing and voice, gives vocal coaching for holistic personality development and awareness expansion through the medium of the voice, concerts, sound healing nights and events with her band MAGIC of SOUND, and as a solo artist. Interdisciplinary performances with dancers, visual artists & authors such as Sylvia Geist, Bridge Markland and Ingo Reulecke.

Following her vocation, she combines the fields of music & healing in a contemporary version of artistic trance-formative awareness work, which integrates the elements of dance, ritual & rhythm.

Since 2022, Sasperella has been collaborating with AwA and enriching their music with her passion.

Lebendig (Live) - AwA & Sasperella

Lebendig (Live) - AwA & Sasperella

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