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AwA & Sasperella


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A cross-cultural dialogue expanding the boundaries of typical music genres

AwA and Sasperella is a musical dialogue between a band that mixes elements of contemporary music with Persian motifs and a German musician who uses her music not only in the form of singing and melody, but also therapeutically.

It's about musical and cultural listening and the willingness to develop one's own awareness, because only those who can respond to others are able to enter into an equal dialogue and create a harmonious whole.

​Due to the wealth of tonal possibilities and the impressive range of styles, it is always possible to immerse yourself in new musical worlds with AwA and Sasperella in order to experience new ideas and unexpected musical directions again and again.


Vocals, Guitar, Monolini: Saskia Baumgart
Clarinet: Omeed Khademsaba
Kamancheh: Nima Gilaki
Percussion: Steffen Hanschmann
Composition, Arrangement, Piano: Pejman Ghanbari


Experience the beauty of Persian music with AwA & Sasperella, combined with jazz and ambient sounds.


AwA & Sasperella

AwA & Sasperella
AwA & Sasperella - Live auf MIND ON FIRE Festival 🔥
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Lebendig (Live) - AwA & Sasperella
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Tehran Nights 1 (Live) - AwA & Sasperella at Fluctoplasma Festival
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